Construction and Current State of Affairs – Cowley Book Cafe

Well, here we are, two months in, and no construction has begun at all. Not a single nail has been driven. The ADA regulations are killing everything. It’s making the cost well above the budget available in order to put in a lift, and everything is just in a holding pattern as a result. The … Continue reading "Construction and Current State of Affairs – Cowley Book Cafe"

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First Payday – Cowley Antique Mall

Today is the first payday for employees of Cowley Antique Mall. It’s officially bi-weekly, but things are looking up enough that I believe I may be able to do weekly, at least this month. The employees hours are aligned real well, and the Manager (Mary) has done a great job with scheduling. There are a few holes, … Continue reading "First Payday – Cowley Antique Mall"

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