Closure of Book Store and Cafe

Effective immediately, Cowley Antique Mall will be closed temporarily due to health and staffing issues. The previous manager, David Dutton, is no longer with the company. We thank him for the time he gave us, and wish him the best in his future endeavours.

Our Cafe is hereby closed permanently. Coffee and Pastries will be no longer be made fresh every morning. We did not get enough business to justify the time or the expense and were throwing away more than we were selling. In a typical week, five cups of coffee and two pastries were purchased, if we were lucky. We appreciate those few regulars that came in to see us and to chat. We hope to see you in the mall!

Our bookstore is going to close ASAP. We plan to clearance out all of our bookstore inventory. To begin with, all used books are now 1/2 price and buy one get one free. All new books are 1/4 (25%) off. No other deals apply to new books. We will no longer special order any books. Book dealers bids on our inventory are welcome.

Thank you for your understanding during this time of transition.

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