Construction and Current State of Affairs – Cowley Book Cafe

Well, here we are, two months in, and no construction has begun at all. Not a single nail has been driven. The ADA regulations are killing everything. It’s making the cost well above the budget available in order to put in a lift, and everything is just in a holding pattern as a result.

The application for a food license has been submitted, but we still don’t have the water hooked up in the kitchen area. I don’t know if I have approval on the appliances that I want to use, so ordering them and getting them delivered has been pushed back.

I am strongly considering just closing off the basement and forgoing the entire enterprise of remodeling it for use as a bookstore. I’ve emailed my contractor to that effect, we’ll see what happens.

My mother in law has taken over as director of day to day operations since I cannot be there every day. It’s caused a few waves with employees. She changed the schedule and reduced their pay, and implemented new rules that she believes will make the Antique Mall more successful.

As a new loss prevention measure, I’ve added a lock to the bathroom door, and instructed employees to walk people back and unlock the bathroom for them, if they require it. While it may appear an inconvenience, it is a service for our vendors.

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