First Payday – Cowley Antique Mall

Today is the first payday for employees of Cowley Antique Mall. It’s officially bi-weekly, but things are looking up enough that I believe I may be able to do weekly, at least this month. The employees hours are aligned real well, and the Manager (Mary) has done a great job with scheduling. There are a few holes, but we’ve (my girls and I) been able to fill them in easily enough.

Things are looking up, as the store has been profitable. Most vendors have made a decent number of sales so far this month, and we have a few new vendors. A couple are trying things out on commission first, but will move to monthly rent if things go well enough to convince them to stay. At any rate, sales have steadily improved, visitors are coming in to browse, and more often than not, leaving with newly purchased items.

I feel like we’ve inherited knowledgeable, professional staff, and a great business. Despite that, I’m very excited to get more things going. It seems that there are constantly setbacks and problems in construction, and installation of addons like the camera system and sound system that were supposed to take two days, but still aren’t even started. It’s extremely frustrating, but I know that this is the nature of the beast. I keep praying and keep on keeping on!

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