Floyd Enterprises, Inc.

Floyd Enterprises, Inc. is a consulting and design firm that I formed several years ago in order to serve large organizations. I specialize in graphic and web design, photography and interior design. I formed the organization with the express mission to provide a completely seamless identity from business cards, letterhead, envelopes, invoices and more along with a matching themed website or online store.

Floyd Enterprises, Inc. recently formed a new subsidiary company, Floyd Hosting Solutions. Our service is powered by GoDaddy servers, so you can rely on 99.9% uptime, and award winning support. We will now be hosting all of our customer websites through Floyd Hosting Solutions. Our new partnership with GoDaddy has enabled us to offer several cost effective WordPress packages for customers that have no need for other services, as well as Plesk or cPanel hosting packages.

As of January 1st, 2018; all business formally conducted by our separate organizations was officially consolidated as Floyd Enterprises, Inc. in order to allow all of our branches to work together seamlessly, bill seamlessly and offer services that were previously unavailable. This consolidation opens new doors to our web customers in particular, allowing for a subscription that will give them frequent updates to their site with sales, holidays, seasonal specials, and blogging. Additionally, we can now design your office, your employees work space, your business cards, your letterhead, your invoices and all ads for magazine or newsprint, as well as host your business website and email so that you have a matching look and feel from your office to your website.

We’re actively seeking new customers. If you think you may benefit from any or all of our services, please contact me for a free, no obligation quote. I look forward to serving your needs!

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