New Beginnings – Cowley Antique Mall

Well, it’s finally official. Today, I’ll be closing on a property currently known as the Land Rush Antique Mall in Arkansas City at ten thirty today. We’ve got some pretty big plans for the place, as it is presently making use of only 45% of the available space. The basement is completely unused, but very large, open and spacious. The back room is presently being used to store parts that the current owner salvages and sells.

There are a number of really big bonuses to the building. The entire main floor (sans back room) has been completely remodeled. There is an ADA accessible restroom installed. There is already plumbing roughed in in the back, and it’s right on the main drag of Summit Street. The negatives – the upstairs needs a complete gut and remodel. The basement needs lighting and ADA accessible lifts or elevators before the basement can be used.

At any rate, it presently hosts an antique mall, and most of the vendors are willing to stay. That puts it a little above a “break even” investment. The plans that we have, however; will more than likely make it profitable enough once the phases of construction are complete and the different parts of the business are opened up. More later. We’re excited!

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