One Month In – Cowley Antique Mall

I’m one full month into ownership of the antique mall. The vendors are telling me that this is the best month that they’ve had here. Most if not all made booth rent and then some. I’ve been doing quite a bit of advertising on Facebook and in the local newspaper. We’ve also been very active on our Facebook page. Hopefully those are contributing factors, and we can continue to grow the monthly sales for our vendors.

The two day job of installing WiFi, a sound system and a camera system still hasn’t been even halfway completed, a month in. The computer company has only shown up three times, and hasn’t stayed long enough to complete a single task at any given time. Construction hasn’t begun at all. Drawings aren’t finalized. It’s infinitely frustrating… But again, this is the nature of the beast…

As previously mentioned, the sign is up. Our architect finished drawings and the structural engineer came and measured and inspected everything. We should have his drawings and recommendations by the end of this week, and hopefully will be able to begin construction next week. I’ve managed to get the kitchen most of the way set up and parts of the lounge ready to receive guests. Once we get approval from the state, we should be ready to go with coffee and baked goods.

The construction is estimated at two to four weeks. I’m getting extremely anxious and really just want to get the coffee shop and book store open already. It’s starting to feel like I’m just going to be running an antique store for the rest of my life. The bookstore and coffee shop is a long running dream of mine.

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